Thursday , Nov , 19 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Phil Jackson: Ron Artest Is Nothing Like Dennis Rodman

On the addition of Ron Artest and whether he is like Dennis Rodman:

 “Not at all.  There’s nothing there.  Some of that fixation that comes along with a little bit of getting lost in the melee, forgetting about the offensive set.  You have to remind about something here and there.  Other than that, he’s been a great addition to us”

On whether Artest’s anger has been an issue so far:

No, we haven’t had any of that.  I haven’t seen anything like that so far.”

On the chances of two stars teaming up:

“Well you know there has been a lot of reincarnations of that.  I think Tracy McGrady was one those guys that came through a couple of years ago.  There’s been a variety of guys that have come through.  There has to be a identifying factor that brings players to a town.  I don’t see Lebron changing venues and if he does, it’s one of the big three New York, Chicago, or L.A.  And you know L.A. is definitely out of it if Kobe Bryant is here.  His marketing, if that’s what his goals are those are the places he could go so Chicago has an edge there.  Reality is that they have built a team around him, he’s comfortable there and it’s going to have to be something really special.”