Saturday , Jan , 02 , 2010 C.Y. Ellis

Gilbert Arenas, Senior: My Son Did Not Pull a Gun

The Washington Post reported Friday afternoon that Arenas is threatening to sue the New York Post. The Washington Post also spoke to Arenas’ father, Gilbert Arenas Sr., who said: "From the respect of guns being pulled in the locker room and at each other… that’s ludicrous. [Gilbert Jr.] bringing the guns to the locker room to keep away from his kids, that’s true. [But] Gil did not pull a gun on anybody. That’s about all that I can say."

Arenas eventually turned his three guns in to team security and later told reporters — after a report on Christmas Eve revealed that Arenas was being investigated for violating league rules on gun possession — that he brought them to the workplace because he no longer wanted them in his house after the birth of his third child in early December.