Wednesday , Jan , 20 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Stephon Marbury to Earn $25K a Month in China

After earning nearly $22 million in the NBA last season, Stephon Marbury(notes) has taken a substantial pay cut to play in the Chinese Basketball Association: $25,000 per a month, a source familiar with the deal told Yahoo! Sports.

Before agreeing to the deal with Shanxi Zhongyu, Marbury had turned down a few European overtures during the summer, a source said, including bids by two Greek teams. Maccabi Tel Aviv had interest but never made a formal offer. The Boston Celtics were willing to bring Marbury back in the spring, but Marbury believed offers of $8 million to $10 million annually would eventually come over the summer.

Top teams in Europe had the same fears the NBA did: After Marbury spent the summer live-streaming his bizarre behavior on the Internet, teams feared he had lost his mind. Nevertheless, most believe Marbury’s talents haven’t entirely eroded after 13 seasons.