Thursday , Jan , 21 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Stan Van Gundy: Lay off Vince Carter

 “Look, it’s just too much scrutiny on one guy. That’s all we come in and talk about every game. ‘What did you think of Vince, what did you think of Vince?’ We played well.”

You’re right, Stan … your team played well, but let’s keep things in perspective. You just punked the 14-28 Indiana Pacers.

You should play well against the Pacers.

Vince Carter should play well against the Pacers, too.

But don’t tell us Vince Carter is under too much scrutiny, chief.

Vince Carter is your “Mr. 4th quarter” … your replacement for Hedo Turkoglu … your high-priced,  off-season acquisition who was supposed to make the Orlando Magic BETTER.

When Vince Carter takes a nosedive into the Slumpsville Community Swimming Pool, it’s news — big news! At leasttry to answer this $64,000-a-miss question, Stan.