Thursday , Jan , 28 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Grunfeld: Gilbert Arenas Will Have to Play for HIs Money

Arenas could face jail time, depending on the sentence D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin gives him in six weeks. Prosecutors recommended that Arenas receive no more than six months in prison, although a felony gun charge could result in a maximum five-year sentence.

Arenas also has intimated to friends, the NBA and legal representatives that he has no desire to play for Grunfeld again, according to a person familiar with Arenas’s situation. "Well, he doesn’t play for me. He plays for the coach, so I’m not reacting to those situations at all," Grunfeld said. "He is under contract, and if he wants to get paid, he has to play. I don’t have much reaction about that situation."