Thursday , Mar , 04 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Brandon Jennings: My Offense Is Terrible Right Now

Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings continued to struggle with his shooting stroke, going 2 of 12 while scoring five points and committing six turnovers.

But Skiles kept him on the floor for 31 minutes, and Jennings contributed with some pressure against the Wizards backcourt.

"My offense is just terrible right now," Jennings said. "I just went to the defensive end, and I was just trying to put pressure on the guys and make a turnover. I got an 8-second call (violation) tonight, and you really don’t see that much in the NBA."

Jennings said he doesn’t have the answer for his offensive struggles yet.

"I actually don’t know what’s going on," he said. "I work on it every day; I come in here early. I’m just in a slump. But the main thing is we’re winning, so you can’t be mad at that.

"As a point guard, you’ve just got to lead your team and do other things."