Sunday , Mar , 14 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Stephen A Smith: I Deserve Criticism over Iverson Piece

It’s been a difficult week, folks! I’ll just put it out there. After revealing what’s been heard for years about Iverson’s drinking and penchant for the casinos, I’ve received the kind of beatdown only Joe Frazier can relate to from the pummeling he suffered against George Foreman decades ago.

I’ve been vilified and excoriated, called a turncoat and a sellout, unworthy of so much as a handshake from several members of Iverson’s former team, the 76ers – the last people in need of more adversaries.

The truth is, I deserve it. Despite the objectivity exercised while disseminating the news, it’s impossible to be completely impartial about someone you’ve known for 14 years and are incredibly fond of despite the innumerable mistakes he’s made. 


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