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Report: Manu Will Sign $40 Million Extension

Manu Ginobili is ranked 41st in season FIC during the 09-10 season, giving him a Reina Value of +12%, ‘deserving’ Samuel Dalembert’s salary just over $12M. At an annual average of $13.3M, Ginobili will need to maintain his current level of play until he’s 35 for the Spurs to recoup their investment. Because of the flood of teams with cap space, Ginobili could have very conceivably made more on the open market.

Because he spent his early 20s abroad, Ginobili doesn’t have as many NBA miles on his almost 33-year-old legs as most players do at that age. Provided he’s healthy, Ginobili is largely the same player has has been since the 04-05 season when he first had a TS% over .600. His PER that season was 22.3 and is now at 22.8, down a little from his peak years of 06-07 and 07-08, but his production and health after offseason ankle surgery has been a pleasant $40M surprise. 
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