Friday , Apr , 23 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

George Karl Makes Surprise Visit to Nuggets

Before the team’s departure, Karl, who continues to recover from an aggressive treatment regimen in his battle against neck and throat cancer, paid a surprise 15-minute visit to the club during its closed practice session, according to the Nuggets’ website.

It was the first time Karl had made it to a practice since his six-week regimen of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the team said.

Dantley said he also had a chance to meet with Karl the day before.

"We talked some basketball and he gave me some opinions on things, what we need to do," said Dantley, who is 12-9 filling in for Karl this season, including 1-1 in the playoffs. "He feels like we’ll be OK. It was a pretty good visit."

And what was Karl’s biggest piece of advice?

"We can’t let (Deron) Williams hurt us," Dantley said. "We have to take the ball out of his hands. That means when he comes down the court on the left side, we don’t have three guys over here hugging on the guy on the weakside. That means sprint back to the paint, keep vision on Williams at all times." 



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