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Parker, Longoria to Split

On television, Eva Longoria plays a Desperate Housewife. I’ve never seen the show (for obvious reasons) but I’m told that the women of Wisteria Lane regularly engage in extramarital affairs while their husbands are away. I’m sure that Eva never thought she’d find herself in a similar situation in real life.

But here we are.


If you’ve managed to not hear any of the rumors, here’s the abridged version: San Antonio Spur Tony Parker and Eva Longoria (I’m pretty sure we can start dropping her married surname now) have split up and Longoria has filed for a divorce.

According to reports, Longoria herself has said that she found hundreds of texts between Parker and the wife of a former teammate. This is apparently not the first time Parker has been unfaithful, with the reports citing a previous woman with whom Parker still has contact.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

There are rumors that many professional athletes do this sort of thing all the time and Parker isn’t disproving that theory here. So far, he hasn’t commented on the subject but you can bet he’ll be questioned about it plenty tonight, as the national media will be in the house for the Spurs’ game against the Bulls on the four-letter network.

Did you learn nothing from Tiger, Tony? Your woman will find your cell phone and anything in it that isn’t appropriate. Even your teammate George Hill could have warned you about things you text coming back to haunt you. The lessons evidently weren’t learned, so here we are.

Since this is an actual basketball site, we have to question how this will affect the Spurs and Parker on the court.

The Spurs have been flying under the radar since they’re not as juicy a story as LeBron and the Heat, Carmelo’s trade rumors and Kobe’s bid for a repeat. But they are 8-1 and tied for the league’s best record, despite Tim Duncan having a substandard year thus far and the number of young players the Spurs are trying to work into their rotation. Parker himself is averaging just above 18 points per game with nearly 8 assists and around 2 steals. You could certainly make the argument that he has been the team’s best player so far in the young season.

The Spurs are notorious for keeping the media under control, but even they’ll have a tough time keeping this from becoming a distraction. And with reports stating that Parker is "begging for forgiveness" you have to wonder if he’ll be able to perform at his usual high level. We’ll have a chance to find out tonight.

Cue everyone guessing/speculating as to which NBA player’s wife was the recipient of the inappropriate texts.

Update: Looks like Brent Barry is the first teammate to have his wife mentioned as the adulteress.


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