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What Antoine Walker Did with my Fiancee: Kevin Jenkins Speaks

Some weeks ago we ran a story reporting that a Chicago resident by the name of Kevin Jenkins was had filed to sue Antoine Walker for alleged improper conduct involving his fiancée, Johanna Edelberg. We reached out to Kevin for his side of the story, and he obliged us with what follows.

I have read a lot of blogs lately and see that there is a common misconception as to why I’m suing Antoine Walker. I feel compelled to speak out and say that I’m not suing him for sleeping with my fiancée. There is no law against that. This isn’t about money either.

Antoine Walker is being sued for a series of events that occurred October 1st, 2010 and in the weeks immediately following. It’s not necessarily what he did but how he did it  – and the total disrespect! They say that it’s never in good taste to address another man about your woman, and I couldn’t agree with that more. However, when you cross the line it then becomes my responsibility to step in. No matter how thirsty a person gets it is never appropriate to show up at another man’s house – a house where I pay all the bills – at 5:46 AM and then have the nerve to wait for her to put me out.

Had I not gone back upstairs to question Johanna about him being parked out front Antoine was going to come into my house and have sex with my fiancée Johanna in my bed. He should have taken her back to his place or a hotel and treated her like the “common woman” she turned out to be.

I’ve asked myself a thousand times: What would I have done had I left and then come back and caught them having sex? 

Here you have this professional All-Star athlete who’s been in the game for years and should know better. Even if the woman is down for it, you never know what danger is waiting when you sneak in a man’s house. Yet his dumb ass is downstairs calling up like the Chicago Police Department – he wanted to come in that bad!

To add insult to injury Antoine Walker continues to remain silent, hoping this whole thing will just blow over so he can go back to taking whatever it is he wants – just like he took that money from a casino in Vegas. He knew he didn’t have the money to cover those checks, but once again, thinking in the moment, he made a bad decision and didn’t care who it affected in the long run.

I have every right to be upset and file my lawsuit. If he had just taken her back to his house we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

It turns out that Antoine and Johanna aren’t even dating, so she just ended up being a one-night jump-off. What a waste. I guess you can’t want more for a person than they want for themselves.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when you lose your girl to Antoine Walker. Do you know how embarrassing that is? Dwyane Wade is here all the time; she would have been better off picking him!

This is the cruelest thing that has happened to me in my entire life! This has been equivalent to her death! I haven’t seen, heard, touched or kissed Johanna since that night.


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