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Rumor: Lamar Odom blames Khloe ‘K’ for sinking NBA career?

“He resents the show for taking his focus off the game,” a source close to Lamar reveals. The source adds that Lamar feels reality television and his association with the Kardashians has ruined his reputation! And Lamar is blaming the show for his trade to Dallas and the all the scrutiny over his personal life for his basketball woes.  As a result of his frustrations, Lamar is isolating Khloe and has even stopped being intimate with her! “He really shut down and told her to leave him alone for awhile,” the friend shares. Lamar is so upset he’s even stopped undergoing fertility treatments with his wife. “Khloe is trying to stand by him, but it’s hard,” the source shares. “He’s always so angry.” Khloe’s rep denies any of the problems are true.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Lamar Odom, sort of, gets it.

The versatile forward has learned the NBA –  and most sane members of society – won’t take him seriously if he’s doing reality TV with dilettante Khloe Kardashian.

The versatile forward has also realized his reality TV career (if you can call reality TV a career) will turn off teams this summer when the Dallas Mavericks buyout the final year of his contract and make him a free agent.

So he’s – allegedly – thinking of pulling the plug on his marriage to the less famous, older Kardashian sister, which would – hopefully – end their ‘Khloe and Lamar’ shtick.

Bottom line: it’s on Odom.

Restoring his reputation as an NBA player means ending the second rate celebrity sideshow and performing on-court.

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