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Rumor: Lil Wayne Steals James Harden’s Girlfriend

Lil Wayne caught making out with James Harden’s girlfriend the rapper Trina

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Never trust a girl with an a** like that.

HoopsVibe has it from inside sources that Lil Wayne and Trina were caught making out at Monica’s album release party last night. It had already been well established that Lil Wayne broke up with ex-girlfriend Dhea and that we all knew Lil Wayne and Trina had previously dated. It was also well established that Trina was currently dating 6 Man of The Year winner James Harden of the Oklahoma Thunder, but who could have predicted Lil Wayne and Trina would rekindle their relationship at Club LIV in Miami last night and embarrass Harden like this in the middle of the playoffs. Our source inside the club says Trina also went home with Lil Wayne after the club got out.

Now, the question is how will this impact Harden’s play. He’s already recovering from Metta World Peace’s vicious elbow from a few weeks ago and now this. It can’t be easy for Harden. His girlfriend stepping out on him would upset anyone, but the public humiliation too might be just enough to throw off Harden’s game. Who wouldn’t be pissed letting Trina and all those curves get away? Perhaps, World Peace better watch out when the Lakers and Thunder play next season. Harden may just be more pissed than anyone can comprehend. 

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Photo Credit: AP NEWS

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