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Playboy’s Chloe Miranda Sits Down With HoopsVibe

Playboy's Chloe Miranda talks Celtics, Playboy, her new reality show Wild Life,  and more.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: This Playboy model turned gamer picks Boston to win it all and who are we to disagree. Ok, we disagree, but don't tell her.

Playboy’s Chloe Miranda Sits Down With HoopsVibe

This small town girl turned Playboy Cyber Girl sits down with HoopsVibe to discuss what the future holds for her and her beloved Celtics. Chloe just got done shooting her new reality show for Playboy TV entitled Wild Life. The show follows her and 3 other girls on all their wild experiences in Miami. 

HV: So who are you pulling for in the NBA these days?

Chloe: I love the Celtics and the Jazz! My dad is from Boston and I'm from Salt Lake originally. 

HV: Any NBA crushes we should know about?

Chloe: Shannon Brown is pretty handsome.

HV: Would you ever consider dating a basketball player?

Chloe: My first serious boyfriend was a basketball player in high school. Tall, fit, and handsome! ;) I am currently single. Just looking for someone fun!

Playboy’s Chloe Miranda Sits Down With HoopsVibe

HV: How did you get involved in Playboy?

Chloe: I got involved in Playboy on accident actually! When I moved to California recently, I wanted to find photographers so I could try out for the Hooters calendar again, so I got a Model Mayhem profile. One day I got a message from the Playboy casting director asking me to come in and test for Playmate! I always dreamed of doing Playboy but never thought I was glamorous enough. I'm so happy to be a part of it now! 

HV: What would it surprise people to know about you?

Chloe: I'm a huge gamer nerd, but I guess by looking at me that's not the first thing you'd think I spend my time doing!

Playboy’s Chloe Miranda Sits Down With HoopsVibe

HV: We know you are staring in the new reality show called Wild Life. How was it?

Chloe: Being on a reality show is fun! Being able to do some things I normally wouldn't be able to without cameras around and having some perks at restaurants and clubs was great, but adjusting to people who have opposite personalities than me was tough.

HV: Are you afraid the show might turn you into something you're not?

Chloe: No, what reality shows do is take who you are, and amplify it by 10x. If you're a loud drunk, they make you look like a louder drunk. When I go out, I'm usually the one to make sure nobody gets into trouble, so if anything I'll probably look like the prude one!!

HV: Describe what Wild Life is about?

Chloe: This show is about four girls who are all completely different, living together and partying together. We get to experience Miami night life and all of the fun stuff Miami has to offer us. There's a little bit of a love triangle and some fights but it's overall a great time.

Playboy’s Chloe Miranda Sits Down With HoopsVibe

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