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The Rapper Trina (James Harden and Weezy’s girlfriend) Records Diss Track To Basketball Wife

Trina (girlfriend to Lil’ Wayne and James Harden) records a diss track against Jennifer of Basketball Wives.

HoopsVibes Very Quick Call: Trina, Weezy, Harden, Evelyn Lozada, and Jennifer, now that’s a cat fight worth catching on TMZ.

Apparently, Trina didn’t feel like her cheating on James Harden with Lil’ Wayne was giving her enough publicity these days, so she decided to up the anti. She took it to the streets. And by the streets we mean the studio. And by the studio we mean a diss track. 

Trina came to her friend Evelyn Lozada’s defense in her ongoing feud with Jennifer on Basketball Wives. In case you haven’t kept up with the show (we are jealous if you haven’t) Evelyn is the bully of the show that picks fights, throws stuff, and generally acts absurdly hood ratty (not sure that’s a word, but it fits). 

Here are lines from her new diss track aimed at Jennifer.

Imma start smackin b*tches – JENNIFER
Imma bring hell to these b*tches – LUCIFER
These h*es can’t f*ck with my swag
I’m a bad azz b*tch with a big azz bag
Got long azz hair and a thick fat azz

You were hot for a minute, now you’re yesterday’s TRASHTrina running to Evelyn’s defense with a diss track could set off an East Caost West Coast battle. Just kidding. Honestly, no one on planet earth in the hip hop community or the basktball community give a sh*t. The only people that might care would be the reality t.v. community. We’ll have to call Flava Flav’s and Bret Michaels publicists to see if they care. Don’t misunderstand, we still want to see the catfight though. 

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