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Rumor: Vanessa Bryant Calls Off Divorce

Rumor: Vanessa Bryant calls off her divorce from Kobe.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Kobe must be one helluva smooth talker to get himself out of this one.

Rumor: Vanessa Bryant Calls Off Divorce

Apparently, the one thing Kobe Bryant does better than hit clutch shots as the clock winds down is talk his way out of trouble. The Lakers superstar shooting guard has reportedly convinced his wife, Vanessa Bryant, to give it another go with their marriage. This comes after the earth shattering divorce settlement that went through earlier this year that left Vanessa with the couple’s three mansions and over $75 million.

Sources close to the couple had been hinting at a possible reconciliation for months as Vanessa Bryant was spotted at games to greet Kobe and even in the team’s locker room after the Valentine’s Day game.

Technically under California law, Vanessa has to wait 6 months before she can file final docs making the divorce official. The 6-month mark hits this weekend, so Vanessa could end the marriage as early as Monday, but sources say she won’t file. Looks like this lovebird is giving love a second try.

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Photo Credit: AP News.

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