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Basketball Wives Fires Those That Don’t Fight

Shaunie O’Neal, the executive producer, fires girls that don’t fight off the show and keeps the brawlers.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Remember to bob-and-weave girl. Next punch might be coming for you.

Reportedly, Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, and Kesha Nichols are being fired from Basketball Wives. Shaunie O’Neal’s logic was clear, we need more cat fights on the show and less calm sane people that don’t want to settle their problems with their fists. 

Even though O’Neal has more money than she could possibly spend. She appears obsessed with the show she created and executive produces. Sources say she will do anything to keep her ratings up and her show on the air. This means more fights, more flying bottles, and more weave pulling. She’s probably pissed she wasn’t at the Chris Brown vs. Drake fight at Club Wip thi week. 

The casting call for Basketball Wives is going out this week. They request submission videos of you beating the hell out of other women on video, samples of weaves you’ve ripped out, and audio recordings of you sounding more illogical than Evelyn Lozada (not easy). Note: having dated or married a basketball player is entirely optional for the show as almost none of the girls have any connection to basketball.

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