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Warriors Mark Jackson Cheats On Wife, Almost Gets Extorted

“What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” The quote is credited to British author Sir Walter Scott in1808. And even though it was uttered over 200 years ago, Warriors head coach Mark Jackson knows all about it.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: If he still worked for ESPN he would be canned immediately (i.e. Steve Phillips or Sean Salisbury), so why haven’t the Warriors fired him?


This is definitely something out of a Hollywood script. High powered, newly hired NBA head coach and revered public figure, who also moonlights as a reverend, starts cheating on his wife with a stripper (side note- has anyone EVER started an affair with a stripper and had it end well?). Things are going great for our hero, he can’t possibly lose, right? WRONG. The stripper gets upset because our hero won’t leave his wife and four kids to start a relationship with her. And when strippers get upset, things go downhill QUICKLY.

 A man approaches Jackson outside of a Memphis hotel with a folder full of “compromising images of Jackson’s genitalia” and audio recordings of Jackson and messages he left for the stripper on her voicemail. The man claims he found the items in a newly rented storage locker; Jackson pays the man five grand and destroys the evidence.

Case closed, situation over, right? Wrong again! Less than a month later, Mrs. Jackson receives an email alerting her to the existence of the photos and gives her a chance to buy them before going public and giving them to the media. Mark Jackson himself responds and offers $200,000 to make it all go away. Since it has now become an extortion situation (see Kris Humphries) the FBI gets involved and ultimately arrests the stripper and her male accomplice.

Where is the outrage over this situation? Why has the media refused to jump all over this? 

Is this worse, better or equal to the compromising situation one Kobe Bean Bryant found himself in a few years back? 

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Image Credit: AP NEWS

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