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Scottie Pippen Is The Best NBA Husband EVER!!

Scottie Pippen celebrates his 15 year wedding anniversary.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Best NBA Husband EVER!! 

Scottie Pippen Is The Best NBA Husband EVER!!

Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa just celebrated their 15 year anniversary. The celebration went down at Hyde Beach SLS Hotel in South Beach.

Scottie toasted to his wife that being married to her was “the best 15 years of his life and he’s looking forward to their next 15.” We all saw the demise of the Jordan empire when his marriage ended in divorce and his wife made off with the keys to the kingdom, the cars and the mansions. We also saw Kobe’s wife nearly make off with most of his loot earlier this year (that one’s still undecided). The one guy that seems to know how to stay true to his woman and keep his money is the same guy that learned how to become the best second option ever.

Maybe his ability to be comfortable and confident as the second option on the Bulls has taught him how to compromise in make his relationship work too. It certainly is a rare thing to see an NBA baller reach 15 years of marriage. Here’s to Scottie and Larsa making it so far and hoping they keep it going.

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