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Kelly Osbourne and Kris Humphries Fight. Kelly Win.

Kelly Osbourne and Kris Humphries fight at LA bar.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Kris Humphries can’t catch a break anywhere in LA. Hollywood remains loyal to the Evil Empire.

Kris Humphries has had a rough year. His super hot / supermodel / reality star wife Kim Kardashian divorced him. Then he found out she was banging Kanye West. Then he found out she was cheating on him with Kanye West. Then Kanye West recorded a diss song to Kris and tweeted about how he was banging Kim, while she was still married. And now Kelly Osbourne gets him kicked out of a bar in LA to save the honor of her friend Kim.

Hold on … Kim’s got honor. We know. It was a shock to us too. I’m pretty sure Kim’s “honor” was lost somewhere between her Ray J sex tape, her Playboy spread, her fake reality marriage / divorce, and he string of horrid reality shows. Apparently, Hollywood has a different definition of “honor” than the rest of the planet. Kelly certainly believes so anyway.

Reportedly, Kris Humphies was partying at Beacher’s Madhouse on Sunset Blvd. Well, Kelly Osbourne throws around some weight at the club and is also apparently best buds with Kim Kardashian because when Kelly showed up she had Beacher’s Madhouse throw Humphries out like some drunk frat guy. It must have been pretty embarrassed for Humphries to be treated like this. I mean, just one year ago he was engaged to Kim Kardashian and VIP at every trendy club in the world. Now, Kelly Osbourne’s got enough clout to get him booty. 

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Photo Credit: AP NEWS

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