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Ice Cube Disses Andrew Bynum

Ice Cube comes out and publicly questions Andrew Bynum’s will to win.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Preach Ice Preach. The truth just sounds good to hear.

Ice Cube comes out and disses Andrew Bynum on ESPN. Cube asks, “Does he want to play or just run around.” Cube is known as a die-hard Laker fan and doesn’t truly believe Bynum plays to win. Sounds like Ice Cube sees what the rest of us see, a hugely talented kid that would rather get paid and drive around town in his Porche than put a championship ring on his finger.

Ice Cube goes on to call the Los Angeles Clipper the “dippers” and question their front office’s commitment to win. He says they’ve had good squads before, but that they always find a way to mess things up. Sounds like Cube should have his own ESPN sports show. Look out Stephen A. Smith, Cube’s coming for ya.

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