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Vanessa Bryant Erupts Over Kobe’s Pimping At Olympics

Vanessa Bryant Erupts Over Kobe’s Pimping At Olympics

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Once a dog always a dog.

As we reported earlier in the week, Kobe Bryant has some inauspicious photos taken with some young ladies. In the photos Kobe was shirtless, claiming someone had just spilt a drink on him, and appeared to be getting the girls numbers. The photo was taken at an after-hour party and didn’t look very innocent.

Apparently, Vanessa Bryant wasn’t impressed with Kobe’s attempt anre rebuilding their marriage. This is exactly the type of thing the wrecked their marriage in the first place. Kobe is reported to have cheated on Vanessa, not once or twice, but scores of times. 

Now with these new shirtless photos of Kobe at the Olympics, the question remains, are Vanessa and Kobe finally over? She filed for divorce earlier in the year and received a massive settlement, but they appeared to patch things up at the last second and the divorce was never finalized. 

If this is the straw the breaks the camel back (Vanessa being a very sexy camel in this analogy), it could be the most expensive straw in the history of the NBA or the Olympics. Lets hope Kobe comes home with gold and Vanessa doesn’t make off with half. Although if she did, no one could blame her considering Kobe’s continual stream of women. Those Kobe photos don’t look innocent to this guy. If that’s a casual chat between Olympians, I need to start training for 2016.

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