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Kanye West vs. Kris Humphries Round 2

Kanye West gets served by Kris Humpries in round 2.

HoopsVibe’s Quick Call: Humphries won the battle, but who will win the war.

When we say Kanye West got “served” by Kris Humphries, we don’t mean served in the cheesy slang sort of way. We me he literally got served with a subpoena. The real beauty in the serving of this subpoena was in how it all went down. 

Kris Humphries lawyers tricked Kanye by sending him a Nordstrom box. When Kanye opened the box, the only inside was a legal document requiring Kanye to appear in court to help settle the Kim Kardashian vs. Kris Humphries divorce. In Kanye’s defense, how on earth can he be expected to keep track of all the stuff he buys from Nordstrom. 

The Kim Kardashina and Kris Humphries divorce threatens to only get uglier. Kris insists he wants an annulment from Kim to maintain his marital purity. I don’t know, it might be fun to have the title of married to Kim for a week. Something to tell the kids years from now. I’m sure with all the surgery Kim gets she’ll still be banging, so why not buildup some future brownie points with the kids. Well, Kris isn’t having it. He wants nothing to do with the evil empire.

Kim on the other hand has made it clear that once she proves that her 10 second wedding to Kris wasn’t just for tv rating (Yeahhhhh right), she’s going to make Kris pay all of her lawyer fees. She’s spent $250,000 so far. 

The real story though is Kanye and Kris. Of course we all remember Kanye’s drunken tweet earlier this year informing the world that he was banging Kim, while she was still married and Kris’s diss comedy sketch he filmed in response. This one is only going to continue to get juicy. For the record the score is 1-1. Kanye gets a point for tweeting how he scooped Kim and Kris gets a point for tricking Kanye into getting served. Let the best booty chaser win.

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