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Hoopz Calls Shaq a P*ssy

Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander Fights Shaq At Gym.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call:She came up with Flava Flav. Enough said.

The love affair that was Shaq and Hoopz is now over. These love birds have called it quits after a huge fight at the gym recently. Hoopz became enraged when she was denied access to a gym that teaches gymnastics for girls 18 and under. Hoopz reportedly screamed at the gym managers that she was training for the Olympics. Oh, it gets better.

After being denied access to the gym Hoopz went ballistic and starting screaming profanity at the gym managers, while the under 18 year old girl gymnasts watched in horror. Shaq eventually managed to drag Hoopz out of the gym and back to his car. At this point she turned her rage onto Shaq Diesel calling him a p*ssy and a number of other vulgar words. Shaq refused to ride with her in the car and soon informed Miss Hoopz she was no longer welcome to live at his mansion. Oops, I hope those dreams of gymnastic gold were worth it because now you aren’t going to have the real thing any more. 

Shaq dumped Hoopz like a washed up reality star. Wait, she is a washed up reality star. I guess all is well in the universe. Look at the bright side Hoopz, I’m sure Charles Barkley’s available or maybe you can get in next season’s Apprentice. Ah, the life of the leach.

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