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Dirk Nowitzki Talks Retirement

Dirk looks to life after basketball.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Yeah, right. No one quites the NBA. They’re all play until they’re forced out. 

Dirk is apparently starting to look toward the next phase of his life and career. He recently revealed his planning on “reexamining” his future in the NBA in two years and would consider retirement. The Dallas big man is turned 34 in June and is in the 3rd year of a 4 year deal worth $80 million. 

One factor possibly leading to this decision is his deminishing production. Dirks numbers have gone down each of the last 4 yeras. Even with this said though, it’s tough to picture a player as competitive as Dirk walking away from the game. I predict he’ll play until he can’t play any more. Look at players like Shaq, Jorda, PIppen. Everyone talks a good game about getting out on top and deciding when THEY want to walk away from the game, but the reality is everyone holds one until they simply can’t do it any more. 

With this said, in two years Dirk will be 36 and that is a long NBA career for someone legitimately 7 feet tall. How long can him body endure the type of abuse he puts it under each season. 

Dirk also got married this year (dual ceremonies in the US and Kenya). Maybe he’s thinking toward a family and chilling at home with his wife now that he’s locked down with a ring. The only question is does he head back to Germany or stay in Dallas. Heck, he could end up in Kenya for all we know.

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