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Basketball Housewife Gets Knocked Unconscious

Basketball Housewife Gets Knocked the F*$k Out

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This NBA wife knows how to throw a punch.

Catfights explode on Basketball Wives this week and one lovely lady punchees like Mike Tyson. This is nothing new on a show known for trashy girl-fights, but this time someone actually got knocked-out, as in knocked unconscious. That is a first for reality t.v. as far as I know. It was so shocking VH1 actually cut the footage out of the episode. I guess the morality of the VH1 producers felt like they crossed a line when they filmed one girl knock another girl unconscious. Don’t worry,  we’ve got the inside scoop on what really went down.

It all started when Draya showed up to a luncheon for the ladies dressed like Jackie. She was clearly poking fun of Jackie. It appeared light-hearted enough, but quickly and predictably got heated. Jackie then proceeded to go to the bathroom to supposedly dress up like Draya. Yet, when Jackie came back and took off her over-coat she was simply in her underwear. This was supposed to make fun of Draya always showing so much skin. The difference is when Draya shows a lot of skin we like it, when Jackie shows a lot of skin we run. Yuck. Yes, we all vomited in our mouth at this image.

It was at this point that Draya and Jackie started exchanging words. Brooke didn’t appreciate Jackie saying how she’d beat the crap out of Draya and stood up for her saying if Jackie touched Draya she’d have to deal with Brooke. Jackie basically said lets do this and the two stood up and continued to yap at each other. 

The Next thing VH1 shows in this episode is a dazed and confused Jackie with her hair/weave all tore up and her glasses off, while Brooke is being held back. What VH1 didn’t show was the fact that Brooke punched Jackie in the face twice. Brooke then grabbed Jackie by the hair and slammed her head into the table. At this point Jackie fell to the ground unconscious. She was literally knocked out and VH1 had to have the paramedics take a look at her. 

VH1 must be psyched. I’m sure this is bound to get some ratings even if we all hate ourselves for watching. 

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