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Rumor Alert: Did This R&B Singer Come Between James Harden and Surge Ibaka?

Did the sexy Keri Hilson drive a wedge between James Harden and Surge Ibaka?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: There are some man codes you just don’t break.

When James Harden left the Oklahoma City Thunder two weeks ago many people were searching for answers. The Thunder offered Harden $54 million, while he insisted he wanted $60 million. This $6 million difference certainly could be the reason, but many didn’t think this was a large enough difference to make him leave a city that had embraced “The Beard” and teammates that treated each other like brothers. Now, other more scandalous allegations are coming to light that two of these teammates were competing for the same girl.

It is being reported that teammates Surge Ibaka and James Harden had a recent falling out over a beautiful woman. The woman is R&B songstress Keri HIlson who has been linked to some of the entertainment industries A-listers before. It is rumored that James Harden couldn’t respect the fact that Ibaka and Hilson were dating and kept making blatant moves to steal Hilson away from Ibaka. When this didn’t work Harden was upset. If this is true, it would be a total betrayal and the type of thing that could easily tear a team apart.

Harden’s fondness for performers is well established with his tumultuous relationship with Trina last year. This relationship imploded in his face faster than a pair of Spanx as Trina reportedly cheated on Harden with her former ex-boyfriend Lil’ Wayne. Maybe Harden was tired of being the odd man out and wanted to have Hilson as his own. And perhaps this competition between teammates over Hilson was enough to make him look elsewhere. Whatever drove Harden out of Oklahoma City, the singers of Houston better beware, James Harden is in town and looking to mingle. 


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