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James Harden Drops 20k On One Stripper In A Single Night And We Got Some Pics.

James Harden drops $20,000 on a stripper in a single night and we got some pics.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: James Harden loves strippers like kids love peanut butter.

Jenna Shea is the stripper in Houston that James Harden appears to have fallen in love with. He recently dropped $20,000 in a single night on her and she’s already started popping up at Rocket games. She’s certainly got the assets to keep a man happy, but 20k is still 20k and I don’t know what kind of dancing she’s doing in that club, but it must involve a whole lot more than a lap dance if Harden’s dropping that kind of loot. 

Shea recently bragged about all the money she’s been pulling off of Harden on her twitter when he said, “I get paid so much by the NBA I should be signed to a team.” Twenty grand a night is probably more than a lot of players make. She has a point.

If you’d like to follow this newfound celebrity stripper you can follow her twiiter here IamJennaShea. She’s got lots of pictures of her booty and her kitty cat. No really she has a couple cats you pervs.  

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