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King Of Strip Clubs, Brandon Jennings Drops $25,000 On A Stripper In Miami And We Got Pics.

Brandon Jennings Didn’t Want to Let James Harden wiin the NBA Strip Club King title that easy, so he went and dropped 25k on a stripper and we got pics.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This is getting out of control. The NBA is basically sponsoring strippers. Cliché?

Only days after we reported James Harden’s $20,000 a night strip addiction, Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks drops $25,000 on a stripper at King of Diamond’s Gentlemen’s Club in Miami, Florida. Apparently, Jennings is a connoisseur of strip clubs and has the loot to throw. The girls definitely don’t seem to mind taking it off them either. Pictured above is Jennings at King of Diamond’s this week dropping literally stacks of money. 

The King of Diamond’s Gentlemen’s Club in Miami is notorious for both bringing in some of the biggest names in entertainment and some of the hottest girls in the world. Former patrons include rappers like Lil Wayne and strippers have included video vixen and model Blac Chyna. This is definitely the strip club to hit if your a baller with deep pockets in Miami. 

Here are some in the club photos as well as a glamour shot of one of their most famous strippers Blac Chyna. Enjoy. 

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Photo Credits: Terez Owens

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