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Which Laker Is Having Serious Mama Drama With This Basketball Wife

Which Laker now has to pay for the lawyers his baby mama’s using against him?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This one is only getting uglier by the second. She’s broke, he’s loaded, and they had a kid. That’s a recipe for some serious gold digging.

As some of you may or may not know, Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard is having a rough year. First, his Los Angeles Lakers that were supposed to dominate the Western Conference have come out limping along to a completely unimpressive 7-7 record. Plus, Dwight and other NBA big man Pau Gasol are both struggling on offense. 

To make things even worse, Howard has some money problems with the mother of his child, Royce Reed. Reed is currently in litigation with Howard who is fighting her  tooth and nail. She is now going after Howard to actually pay for her legal fees too. That’s $100k in legal fees Howard has to pay to the lawyers who are representing Reed and actually fighting against Howard. That doesn’t seem right. 

Perhaps the reason Howard is fighting Reed so hard on this is the fact that he is rumored to have 5 other children out there that he still refuses to claim. This could get real expensive real quick. Well, lets try to remember what made all this drama possible. Enjoy some pics of the beautiful Royce Reed below.

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