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Kim Kardashian Still Refuses to Give Kris Humphries Back His Ring

Kim Kardashian is apparently that lame and petty to not give back Humphries ring.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Could Kim do anything to make herself look more spoiled and pathetic? Just have Kanye buy you another.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are still not divorced. They’ve been in the process of getting divorced now for 13 months. This has turned into an extremely bitter divorce with Humphries claiming he was used by the Evil Empire aka the Kardashians for t.v. ratings. Kim on the other hand appears to claim it was a legit marriage even though it now looks like she was dating and having sexual relations with Kanye West before, during, and after her marriage to Humphries. Welcome to Hollywood.

Only in Hollywood could a marriage that lasted 72 days be considered legit. The major sticking point in the divorce is that Humphries has stating he is going to tell all their secrets. I’m not sure what secrets the Kardashians could possibly have after doing reality t.v. for the last decade, but they appear to be scared offering Humphries upward of $7 million to stay quiet. The other sticking point is the wedding ring, which Kris is determined to get back. Apparently, Kim has sentimental feelings over it too. It must remind her of those magical 72 days of love.

Nothing appears certain except that Kanye West was definitely getting to know Kim way before those 72 days were over. In Kris Humphries defense, he appears to be playing better than ever now that he’s most past Kim and all the drama that is Kardashian.

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