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What Baller’s Wife Intentionally Let House Get Foreclosed As Revenge?

I don’t even want to know what you’ve got to do to get a woman mad enough to intentionally get foreclosed on her own home.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Nothing like a woman scorned, especially an NBA wife.

Allen and Tawanna Iverson have had a tumultuous relationship as of late. Iverson’s NBA career has come to an end and he’s in that awkward place where he still believes he is good enough to be playing professional basketball, but no one wants him. This has to clearly be a huge hit to both his ego and his pocketbook.

Throw in the fact that Allen and his wife Tawanna are going through serious marital problems and you have the recipe for some crazy drama. Recently it has been reported that Iverson’s $4.5 million dollar mansion in Atlanta was going to be foreclosed on after he defaulted on a $1.2 million dollar mortgage, but Allen is fighting back. Paperwork filed this week indicates that Allen never agreed to the conditions of the loan and that Tawanna agreed to is solely out of spite for her estranged husband. 

The lawsuit will hold up foreclose proceedings and buys Iverson a little time. This will end up having to play out in the courts, just like Iverson’s nasty divorce too.


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