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After Causing Havoc In OKC Is R&B Singer Keri Hilson Now Playing John Wall And Surge Ibaka?

Keri Hilson is rumored to be the wedge that drove James Harden out of OKC and now she looks to be playing Surge Ibaka and John Wall.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The NBA’s version of Yoko Ono.

R&B singer Keri Hilson is known for her stunning good looks, beautiful voice, and driving men crazy. Earlier this year it was rumored she was involved in a love triangle involving Surge Ibaka, James Harden and herself that could have contributed to Harden’s eventual departure from Oklahoma City.

Now she is supposed to be dating Surge Ibaka, but pictures are popping up with our out partying with Washington Wizards guard John Wall. Do we have the beginnings of another love triangle? This pic of Hilson and Wall was taken last weekend at Club Vanquish in Atlanta and although it isn’t the most scandalous picture, it doesn’t take much to set off alarms surrounding a woman with a track record for drama.

No one has confirmed that Hilson and Wall were seen doing anything inappropriate at the club, but no one ever caught Yoko Ono telling John Lennon to quit the Beatles either. 

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