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2 NBA Wives Arrested For Fighting And They Got Jacked Up.

Ben Gordon’s fiancé and Tyrus Thomas’s wife get their asses beat in a catfight outside a Charlotte night club.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Damn, these two look like they got hit by some dudes. Charlotte girls must really know how to punch.

2 NBA Wives Arrested For Fighting And They Got Jacked Up.

The details are still a little sketchy about this night club fight. Best we can piece together Jamie Thomas who is Tyrus Thomas’s fiancé and Sascha Smith who is Ben Gordon’s wife got in a straight up street fight last week with some unidentified girls outside a night club in Charlotte. The brawl went down outside club Label. It was a night club Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers was hosting a party that night. After 2 a.m. when the club was emptying out, things jumped off in the parking lot.

According to police reports Thomas and three friends attempted to steal a woman’s cell phone and purse in the parking lot. We haven’t heard any reason why, but I’m sure most people can figure out why a basketball players fiancé would want to snatch up another woman’s cell phone at a club. My guess is to see if her soon to be husband’s number and or texts are in there. This is not confirmed, but it makes a lot of sense to a lot of folks.

After this went down some punches were thrown, a security guard was hit by her car as she attempted to leave the scene and it all went down hill fast. The result was 6 people being arrested including Ben Gordon’s wife and Tyrus Thomas’s fiancé. No word as to whether the wedding is still on, but if it is, it’s sure to be an exciting one. Watch out “Basketball Wives,” you don’t have shit on Bobcat wives.

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