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Shaq And His Mistress Are Going To Court And It Looks To Get Ugly

Shaq’s mistress, Vanessa Lopez is taking O’Neal to court. Let the mud slinging begin.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Lopez looks to have some especially damaging dirt on the big guy. She want the trial televised.

Officially Lopez is suing Shaq for racketeering, invasion of privacy, and intentional emotional distress. Sound like some trumped up charges to me, but when a mistress smells money what do you expect. 

Lopez’s allegations are very serious though. She claims Shaq spied on her and threatened her life. She even has a former employee of Shaq’s Shawn Darling, who is ready to testify on her behalf. I wonder what his take in the deal is?

Shaq claims Darling hacked into Shaq’s computer system and stole sensitive information. Darling claims Shaq hired him to hack into Lopez’s computer system and track her movements. What is this the CIA? Who really believes Shaq hatched a plan that involved computer hacking?

The whole thing will play out in trial which either means Shaq was so insulted by the charges he refused to pay them money and wants to actually prove his innocence or that he’s got so much money he thinks his expensive lawyers can get him off. Either way, this is one temptress you definitely want to stay clear of if you’re a baller. Can anyone say new addition to “Basketball Wives?”

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