Tuesday , Jan , 29 , 2013 Andrew Flint

Kobe Finally Responds To Drake’s “She Wasn’t With You In The Gym” line.

Kobe finally responds to Drakes infamous line about Vanessa.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: My question is why respond now and on twitter of all places?

It’s official that Kobe and Vanessa are not getting divorced. The couple decided to work on their marriage and stay together. Yet, a lot was said and done during their separation.

One of the most famous line was dealt out by the rapper Drake when he said, “She wasn’t with you in the gym” in reference to how Vanessa didn’t deserve as much money in the divorce as she was going to receive. At the time Kobe did not comment or respond, but now after all this time has gone by he finally has something to say.

Below is the twitter traffic that just went out this week to set the record straight. Apparently, Kobe feels like Vanessa doesn’t have to be in the gym to pull her weight and most women I’m sure agree.

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