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“Primetime’s” Daughter Ready For Exposure In Bikini Basketball League

Being a dad to a hot girl has to suck.

Hoopsvibe Very Quick Call: “Neon Deion” could cover opposing wide outs, but not his own daugthers “assets”.



Deion Sanders’ daughter Deionetta (I know, it’s about as funny/egomanical as George Foreman naming his five sons George) is hot. And now, you can check her out in the Bikini Basketball Association. Which is an idea “Prime” isn’t to hip with.

“My dad was kind of upset, but that’s like any parent who just sees bikini league,” said Deiondra. ““He thought I was gonna be out there in a bikini. He [saw] a picture of our uniform and stuff like that, so I think once he saw that we’re actually covered up a little bit, he wasn’t as concerned.”

Oh, I’m sure he’s still concerned. Especially if you look at the league’s cheaply designed website.

One reason that she liked the idea of playing in the league is the “talent”. Of which she admittedly doesn’t have.

“When I was younger I played competitive basketball, but that was a long time ago. So now that I’ve been on the court, I’m actually getting the hang of it again.”

It’s pretty obvious this is a PR grab for the “loosely” formed league which will begin its season this June. So it’s only natural for Deion, the king of self promotion, to see it for what it is and drop into “prevent” defense to stop his daughter from being exploited. But, Deiondra’s already drinnking the company Kool-Aid.

“I just think that it’s a lot different because we actually do have players, real basketball players, that actually have played in the WNBA before. So I think that this will make a difference because people are really gonna see real-life hoopers. They just look good while doing it.”

I like playing basketball so I’m enjoying doing it. But eventually I hope it does lead to making my name bigger as a person so I can actually have a voice — a positive voice. Because so far the negative’s portrayed. But I want to have a positive voice. I hope this actually leads to … that.”

Whatever “that” ends up being. Maybe “that” could lead to a stint on “So I Married A Baller” or “Basketball Wives” after she marries an NBA player, balls him up and leaves him broke and penniless as Tami Roman did to Kenny Anderson.

A girl can dream.

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Image Credit: Deiondra Sanders’ Twitter: @DeiondraSanders


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