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Lil Wayne Brags About F*cking Chris Bosh’s Wife & Says F*ck You to LeBron And DWade (Video).

Lil Wayne Brags about f*cking Chris Bosh’s wife and says “f*ck you” to LeBron and DWade (Video).

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I’d love to see Weezy be so tough in front of any one of the Miami Heat instead of on stage surrounded by his crew. 

NBA All Star Weekend explodes with drama as Lil Wayne continues his theatrics revolving around his recent ejection from the Lakers vs. Heat game last week. Weezy showed up at All Star weekend in Houston and proceeded to talk a lot of trash about the NBA, the Miami Heat, and specifically claiming to have had sex with Chris Bosh’s wife.

He of course confronted Bosh, LeBron, and DWade the only way a 5 ft. rapper know how, talking to an audience on stage surrounded by his crew with no Miami Heat players in sight. A true sign of courage. Yes, this is what passes as tough-guy persona these days. I can only imagine the smack Lil Wayne talks when he’s actually in a different state or country. 

He calmed things down pretty quick though by commenting how he was really looing forward to hitting a cool skateboard park in Houston the following day. Since when did tough guy rappers go from dissing ballers to skateboard parks. It is a new world my friends. I’m trying to picture Biggie on a skateboard. 

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