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Rumor Alert: Basketball Wife Draya Had Sex With Wiz Khalifa for $3,500.

Rumor Alert: Former Stripper and current Basketball Wive, Draya MIchelle, had sexy with Wiz Kalifa for $3,500. (Pic of them together)

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This was reported on “Mouth to Ear” that sites people inside BBW, sounds like Draya’s got haters.

It is circling around NBA rumor mills that Draya Michelle from Basketball Wives may be making a little money on the side. It’s known she was a stripper before she came on the show and why not. She’s got the body and the hustle to make it work.

This would be scandalous for a cople reasons though. Primarily, because Wiz Kalifa is with Amber Rose and they just had a baby today, but also because it woul blowup Draya’s dirty little secret. No matter what you think about stripping, prostitution is a whole nother level. We’ve got this pic of them spotted together in Vegas. Scandal alert. Here’s another pic of Draya in her stripping days too.

Mouth to Ear had this to say,

“This item is not so blind at all ! But we will refrain from writing her name because it takes away from the THRILL . We were told by multiple sources that this vixen had sex with Wiz Khalifa for $3500 in the bed of one of her old flames. Wait don’t vomit yet …………..we have more! Then if that isnt enough, to make your stomach turns, we got wind that she is using her manager as a pimp to make cash. How you ask ? Multiple sources from the production of BBW allege that she has her manager set it up and then she goes to Vegas and gets the DOLLAS!”

This is likely just a malicous rumor, but sometimes rumors have a way of being true. Just for yourself. This one has little evidence but likely malicous gossip behind it.

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Photo Credits: Envy and Mouth to Ear.

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