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Escort Jenna Shea Puts Louisville’s Siva On Blast.

Louisville just won the NCAA championship, but their star guard, Siva, is waking up to a nightmare.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: In Siva’s defense, could you resist dipping out with Jenna Shea? 

The Louisville Cardinals topped Michigan last night 82-76 to wint the NCAA Men’s Championship and star point guard Peyton Siva was a large part of that victory. Siva went off for 18 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals. He is a top NBA prospect and apparently already acting like it off the court. 

It turns out one of Siva’s hobbies is hooking up with escorts like the infamous Jenna Shea. She’s already been linked to James Harden and a number of other NBA ballers. Lets move past the point that Siva has a girlfriend. Hey, at least he’s not cheating on a wife … yet. The story here is Shea putting Siva on blast the day after their championship run.

Coincidence? I doubt it. Clearly, Shea’s making an attempt to become relevant before she slips into hoochie mama history. Siva, on the other hand, needs to be careful. Shea blasted their text messages and images to the world, but in reality it only makes Siva look like a kid. But hey, is is only a kid, so not really a huge biggie. I’m sure his girlfirend won’t take things that light, but really can any man resist? Look at the bright side,  at least Siva didn’t send her the infamous D pick.  Or if Shea has, thank god it hasn’t come out. 


Warning, be careful young Siva. These type of opportunistic groupies are out there and now that you’ve got a championship ring on your finger and will be heading the NBA soon, they’ll only multiply. 

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