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Kris Humphries Wants $7 Million From Kim Kardashian To Settle Divorce.

Kris Humphries is holding out for $7 million and an annulment from Kim Kardashian. Maybe that’s why he can’t pay his $52,000 clothing bill.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Is Kim Kardashian or Kris Humphries the bigger douche? 

Kris Humphries Wants $7 Million From Kim Kardashian To Settle Divorce.

The Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries saga continues. In case you stopped keeping score out of complete boredom, these two love birds are still technically married. Humphries reportedly wants $7 million and an annulment to settle their divorce, while Kim (a.k.a. Kris Jenner) wants to fight to hold onto the money. If there is one thing we know the Kardashian women worship more than single athletes and rap stars, it’s money. The idea of giving up $7 million of their hard earned dollars (I use this term very loosely) in a settlement agreement is unthinkable.

Meanwhile, Humphries is already out spending the money he technicall still hasn’t gotten. Well, spending might be the wrong word. He’s buying. He’s just not paying. Apparently, Kris had a little deal going with Beverly Hills retailer Scott Hill. Hill was going to sell Humphries his suits for 30% off as long as he introduced 2 of his NBA buddies to HIll’s store within 12 months. We all know Kris has ben busy running in and out of court with this whole divorce fiasco and hasn’t had time to bring in a couple buddies to the store or pay his $52,000 bill. Those must be some nice suits.

And just to round out the scorecard for everyone at home, Kim and Kanye West are about to have their own love child. Nothing says class like delivering Kanye’s baby while still married to Kris.


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