Monday , Apr , 15 , 2013 Diego Garcia

Inside The Future Mrs. LeBron James’ Bachelorette Party.

Savannah Brinson has one last night of fun with male strippers before marrying LeBron James.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Now the question is how crazy will LeBron’s bachelor party get?

Savannah’s bachelorette party just went down and besides the sushi strippers (they weren’t really that scandalous), it was pretty tame. Savannah’ has managed to do a pretty good job of keeping a low profile, considering she’s marrying “The King.” She appears to prefer to let LeBron shine in the spotlight, while she simply takes care of business at home.

He bachelorette party mostly consisted of great spa treatment for her family and friends and amazing gourmet food. And before rumors get started, there were no male strippers there dancing. The only strippers there were laying on the buffet table covered in sushi. I don’t know about you, but I’m not eating any sushi off a person’s body. I don’t are what they look like or how expensive that sushi costs.

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