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Parks And Recreation Actress Lets Chris Bosh Know That She Doesn’t Care That He’s Married

A beautiful Parks and Recreation actress tells Chris Bosh, “He floats her boat” and then tries to get some alone time with the star.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: No word yet on how Chris Bosh’s wife feels about all this celebrity flirting.

Aubrey Plaza is the beautiful and demure actress on Parks and Recreation that has been a huge buzz in Hollywood. Now she’s letting her taste for men known. She’s apparently got a huge crush on the Miami Heats Chris Bosh (see tweets below). 

This goes beyond just a mild attraction. In fact, Bosh’s wife might want to keep tabs on the sexy actress as it appears she was trying to arrange some alone time with the Miami Heat baller at a recent awards show. 

Plaza appears to be an actress on a mission and if we’ve learned nothing from Basketball Wives, it’s that ballers have been known to slip.

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