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Inside Details of Michael Jordan’s Mega Wedding.

Here are the details we were able to gather on MJ’s super extravagant and secretive wedding.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This wedding is going to make baller’s stop and take notice.

Inside Details of Michael Jordan’s Mega Wedding.

Michael Jordan’s upcoming wedding to former model Yvette Prieto looks like it could make LeBron James’ upcoming wedding look kid’s play. MJ is reportedly going al out, but he’s holding his guests to a vow of silence that was requested with the invitation. Although details about the wedding are hush-hush some info has slipped out.

Inside Details of Michael Jordan’s Mega Wedding.

We know the wedding will be at MJ’s Jupiter Florida estate (pictured above). Insiders are already indicating three huge tents that cover approximately 2 football fields have been erected. This indicates they could be inviting as many as 2,000 guests. We already know that Jordan had Yvette sign a rock-solid prenuptial, so MJ won’t be taken over the rocks by any lawyers if things don’t work out like with his first wife Cookie.

There are still a lot of details that are secret, but one thing is for sure … this wedding is going to be massive.

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