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Jalen Rose Breaks Down The Seating Arrangements For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Jumpoff, and Road Kill at the Same Game.

Jalen Rose breaks down how and where NBA players sit their wives, girlfriends, jumpoffs, and road kill.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: We love Jalen Rose’s honesty and candor. It sounds exhausting balancing all those women too.

It’s not secret Professional athletes love women and women love professional athletes. Everyone wants to be at the game, but neither wants to bump into the other. Here’s the inside look at seating arrangements.

First off, if you aren’t sitting behind the team’s bench, you aren’t serious. Ballers reserve their seats behind their own bench for family, wives, and serious girlfriends. The side girlfriends and jumpoffs get seats on the opposite side of the court across from the other team. Players want as little a chance for interaction as possible. Road kill (a term for girls on the road) might not even get tickets in this second tier seating. 

The next critical rule according to Rose is absolutely, under no circumstances to jumpoffs and extra girlfriends get post-game passes. These are only reserved for family and wives. This is apparently a common rookie mistake for young NBA ballers that’s broken up many a happy home. 

Watch the full interview above for Rose’s sneak peak into the life of NBA players and their daunting challenge of balancing so many women.

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