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Rumor Alert: Kevin Garnett Suspected of Cheating On His Wife (pics).

Rumor Alert: Kevin Garnett is cheating on his wife (2 kids) with this woman in Toronto.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: At least this feels wrong in the right way. Tim Duncan's wife cheating on him made us question if the sun rose in the East or the West. 

David Beckham and Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett is married to Brandi Padilla and have two kids together, but he was spotted walking around in a Toronto mall with a woman rumored to be a known escort. Sources also confirm that KG shelled out a significant amount of loot on the woman at the mall and they were looking very cozy.

The woman that is suspected of being Garnett's mistress is Annie Silvestri. This all went down on Tuesday. If Garnett is cheating, he definitely picked a cutie to do it with. Her photos speak for themselves and say volumes. 

I'm sure more will come out on this in the future if it's further verified, but for now we can only salute KG on at least taking his alleged affair out of the country to try and get away with it. Yet, shopping at the mall with your escort seems like a rookie mistake for this NBA veteran.

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