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Odom Cheats on Khloe and Trashes Paparazzi Camera.

Lamar Odom busted cheating on Khloe Kardashian and trashes paparazzi camera when asked about it.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: This video of Lamar Odom trashing a paparazzi's camera equipment is priceless, but the fact that he's cheating on Khloe Kardashian with a stripper is nothing if not predictable. 

Lamar Stripper

"Keeping up with the Kardashian's" is one of those shows everyone hates, but enough of us secretly still watch because it somehow remains on the air. At this point, the E! network is practically synonymous with the Kardashian name. As most people know Khloe Kardashian has been married to NBA journeyman Lamar Odom for the last few of years as he's hopped from the Lakers to the Mavericks  to the Clippers and possibly back to the Lakers again.

On the show Lamar and Khloe are portrayed as the only semi-regular couple in a fairly ridiculous family of egos, athletes, fat booties, and kids named North West (Yes, that is Kim and Kanye's daughter's name). They've had some problems in the past, but now it looks like Lamar and Khloe are finally coming apart as it is rumored he is busted having an affair with a D.C. stripper named Jennifer Richardson. When asked about the affair by a paparazzi, Lamar lost his cool and trashed the photographer's camera equipment by going through his car (video below). This is not the smoothest response if you're trying to look innocent. He then calmly poses for a photo with a fan. Pretty cool way to finish up the video actually.

Lamar reportedly met Jennifer Richardson at Stadium Club strip club in Washington D.C. according to RadarOnline. After he received some dances the two enjoyed some private time together, while he ate. Later he massaged her feet and the two really got cozy. 

He left alone, but called Jennifer later that evening for her to join him in his room. She agreed and soon arrived at his hotel room where he took apart her phone popping the battery out, likely because he was afraid she would take pictures or video of the affair (actually a pretty smart move). She claims they didn't have sex that night, but did enjoy doing everything else imaginable. Lamar gave her $3,000 for the evening and the two called it a night. No one is really accusing her of prostitution yet, but where I'm from someone getting 3K to hookup is a hooker. 

Lamar saved the sex for their next encounter and since then he's been flying her out to visit him in Los Angeles putting her up at the Luxe Hotel. This affair has reportedly been going on since January 2012.

The video clip above of Lamar trashing a paparazzi's camera equipment is Odom's response after the paparazzi asked him about his alleged affair with Jennifer Richardson.

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