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Wife Siohvaughn: Dwyane Wade Gave Me an STD

Wife Siohvaughn: Dwyane Wade Gave Me an STDWhile the divorce proceedings between Siohvaughn and Dwyane Wade may have initially seemed as civil as one could hope, things have apparently taken a turn for the worse in recent days.  According to a report in the Miami Herald, the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Wade has claimed that husband Dwyane infected her with a sexually-transmitted disease during their marriage, and demands that he reveal the names of all the women with whom he slept in the course of their relationship.

Siohvaughn Wade (née Funches) also accuses the NBA All-Star, champion and Olympian of neglecting his children and mismanaging finances.

Dwyane, named a ”Father of the Year” in 2007 by the National Father’s Day Committee, has gone ”months” without seeing his boys, Siohvaughn says. His ”failure to spend time with them . . . has resulted in the children at times being afraid of him; in fact, Zion . . . does not recognize or know Dwyane.” She wants sole custody, and support.


"Dwyane has dissipated substantial sums of marital property including . . . buying his mother a $2 million church; placing substantial sums of money in an account with another woman; providing numerous friends and family members with unfettered access to accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars of marital funds from which they made substantial withdrawals . . .”

Naturally, Dwyane Wade and his lawyers aren’t taking it lying down.

Dwyane’s Windy City attorney, James Pritikin, issued a statement: ”These malicious allegations are absolutely false and we look forward to the opportunity to dispute them in court.’


Says Pritikin: ”It is sad that an obviously angry and bitter woman will go to any lengths to publicly damage Mr. Wade.”

Also of interest in the article is the mention of Dwyane’s impressive garage.  Among his dozen-strong car collection are four Cadillacs, four Mercedes-Benzes and a Maybach.

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