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Andrew Bynum and Rihanna Spotted Eating Dinner Together

Andrew Bynum and Rihanna Spotted Eating Dinner TogetherAndrew Bynum, who was seen recently hoisting a Playboy bunny (I forget which one; they all look alike) to his shoulders, finds his name in the tabloids again.  Here’s the report from

Last week, Bynum and Rihanna had dinner at Mastros steakhouse in Beverly Hills. A witness told X17online the pair looked "very couple-y, sitting real close to each other in the car."

It doesn’t mention if they were in the backseat together, but I think you get the picture either way.  Still, young Andy was as eloquent as ever in responding to the rumors that he and recently-single Rihanna were an item.

When asked if he and Rihanna are dating, Bynum told X17online "nope.

So, if the pair are, in Bynum’s words, "just friends", what were the pair doing eating dinner together?  Perhaps the two early-twenty-somethings felt a kinship based on their shared experience of intense media scrutiny.  Perhaps Andy is a fan of mediocre, flat-voiced electro-pop.  Perhaps Rihanna was explaining the subtleties of the Triangle Offense to the seven-foot center.

How does this story strike you?  Do you think there’s something going on between the two or are they really nothing but buddies?  Could Andrew Bynum and Rihanna make a good couple?

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