Tuesday , Mar , 30 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Dorell Wright Nude Photos Appear Online

After Greg Oden’s doodle and George Hill’s wang showed up online, I thought we’d seen the last of NBA dong for a while.  Nuh-uh.  Yet again a poor decision made about a year back has resulted in someone’s junk being exposed to the world.  In this case, the baller in question is Dorell Wright, small forward for the Miami Heat.  After his girlfriend and baby mother Mia Lee posted a tweet in reference to Wright, a groupie and former hook-up responded by posting the compromising images that have put the 6’9" three in an embarrassing spot.  In the photos, Wright can be seen exposing himself during an online chat session.

Here’s the tweet from Dorell’s girlfriend that caused the situation to develop:


@MiO_MyO No 1 can inform me about my man, my fam, my friends. The relationship I have wit ANY individual is our personal business period.

And here’s the response from mrzanonymouz, whose Twitter account is now suspended:

@mrzanonymouz well how bout I just informed everyone about the 5 inches of c*** you put into your mouth and v***** everynight @mio_myo


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